How to style your maxi dress for summer 2019

Do you look longingly at other women wearing stunning maxi dress styles each summer, yet never have the confidence to wear one yourself? Perhaps you worry that you’re too short to pull of a long, flowing dress, or maybe you don’t feel comfortable in the bold colours and prints of this season’s dresses? If you’d love to wear a maxi dress yet aren’t sure what style to opt for, this brief guide will help you decide on the best look for you.

The fact is, anyone can wear a maxi dress – they’re flattering, comfortable and versatile, meaning there’s something for every occasion and body type.

Complement your dress with bold accessories

A structured handbag isn’t going to look right with a maxi dress, so leave your formal accessories at home and add something that matches the boho feel of your maxi dress. Straw bags are everywhere this summer, and look great worn over the shoulder or across the body. Don’t forget a pair of oversized sunglasses and a floppy sun hat if you’re spending the day in the sun, either.

Add a lightweight blazer or jacket for cooler days

How to style your maxi dress for summer 2019
While some maxi dresses look best worn on their own, there are many more that look super stylish teamed with a lightweight jacket, whether for a formal event or because temperatures aren’t quite what you were hoping for. Choose a jacket in a light, neutral shade, and avoid anything too structured or boxy. Check out the stunning AX Paris maxi dresses for styles that look great in a slightly more formal setting.

If in doubt, keep it simple

If you’re not sure how to style your maxi dress, you can’t go wrong with keeping it simple. Flat sandals or flip-flops and a casual bag to carry your essentials in are really all you need for most occasions where you’ll be wearing a maxi dress. You can even team it with trainers for the ultimate casual finish, according to

Unless you’re off to a formal event and want to look more polished, the maxi dress is perfectly suited to casual everyday wear. This is one of the great advantages of the maxi dress – it’s basically an entire outfit in one and you don’t need to add anything unless you want to!