Preparing for a Mobile Future

The future of the internet lies in the mobile realm, with smartphones and tablets dictating the habits that modern users are forming while also having a huge impact on various industries as a result.

Even Google itself is getting a lot out of the mobile revolution, attributing a recent 11 per cent boost to its revenues to the popularity of people using their smartphones to search the web and watch videos on its YouTube service.

It is entirely possible for other organisations to reap the benefits of an increasingly mobile audience. But this does mean that websites and software items such will need to be redesigned to ensure that they work correctly on devices of all shapes and sizes. Some companies are adapting their software into apps to make the most of the mobile revolution. For example a Property Inventory App allows the landlords to use the inventorybase property inventory software on the go, rather than having to make notes and use the system later on when they are at a desktop. The same goes for ensuring that your websites are fully mobile friendly.

Site Design for SEO Benefits

The rise of mobile internet access has just recently made the creation of responsive sites imperative for modern businesses. With Google’s algorithms now penalising sites that are not mobile-friendly, any company that wants to race up the SERPs will need to adapt.

Responsive web design is ideal for making a site work well on smartphones and tablets, because it means everything from text and interface to multimedia content can dynamically adjust to be optimally viewed on whatever device is used by a visitor.

With the mobile-friendliness of a site taken into account when determining its search rank, using the latest web design techniques is not just about preparing for the future but about staying up to speed today.

The Customer Is Always Right

Appeasing the automated processes put in place to determine a site’s worth by search engines is just half of the battle to achieve success in the mobile age.

Companies must also consider what users will be expecting when they land on their site. And for the most part, people will now want to see that a site has been made to cope with the form factor of their portable device of choice. The demand for mobile sites means firms cannot afford to ignore optimisation.