What Most Puts Off Potential Homebuyers?

Most of us have a fairly strong idea in mind when it comes to what we are looking for in the perfect house – from the rigid aspects such as proximity to good schools and number of bedrooms to more changeable items such as the design of the garden and the kitchen units. When selling your property, it is important to remember that your home cannot possibly appeal to everybody’s idea of a dream property, but there are a number of turn-offs that it is best to try to avoid.

A 2017 survey of almost 3000 Britons showed that the traits that would most put off a potential homebuyer are dirty rooms and single-glazed windows.

Other aspects which could form deal breakers for potential purchasers are mould, overgrown gardens, if someone had died in the property and messy or cluttered rooms.

Fixing the Issues

Positively, many aspects on the list can be easily remedied by vendors. Dirty rooms show that a property is not being cared for, and potential buyers may feel that there could be hidden issues within the home which could turn out expensive to rectify. Dirty windows and filthy surfaces ring alarm bells with buyers, especially when a home is being marketed. Similarly, the gardens being overgrown or messy can signify a level of ambivalence when it comes to home maintenance. Monty Don-style horticulture is not called for here – more a tidy-up and prune. A sparse garden looks far better than something overgrown and unkempt.

What Most Puts Off Potential Homebuyers?
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Is It Worth It?

If your home is beset by some of the more expensive issues on the list, taking advice from the professionals can give you an idea of what to focus on. If updating tired carpets will cost less than the increase in value of your home, it may well be worth taking the plunge. If, on the other hand, a quote for double glazing is way more than the estimated value increase, it is probably not worth the money and inevitable disruption to carry out the work.