Why pink is the colour of the season in the menswear fashion market

Pink is officially the colour of the season in the menswear fashion market. With the Spring 2020 clothes hitting the runways, pink is truly in style. Major fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior Men have incorporated pink into their 2020 collections. Pink’s popularity has been increasing for some time now, but some men are still put off by the stereotypically feminine colour.

Why Men Should Be Wearing More Pink

Pink has been commonly associated with femininity. Blue was always for boys, and pink was always for the girls. Interestingly, however, pink was actually always worn by boys before the 20th century as it was a colour commonly associated with war. Fast-forward to 2019, and there’s no reason men should still be defining their sexuality through the colour of their clothes. Be confident when you’re wearing pink, show off your own personal style, and rethink whether pink can have a place in your closet.

Why pink is the colour of the season in the menswear fashion market

Who Can Wear Pink Clothes

Pink is a very versatile colour. It complements almost every skin tone. Brighter shades of pink will suit a darker complexion, and if you have a pale skin tone, try to avoid the lighter pinks. Other than those few flexible rules, there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t invest in some brand-new pink mens Farah shirts.

How To Wear Pink Clothing

There are so many different ways you can incorporate pink into your outfits. From classic shirts to chinos, there’s an easy way to style pink for any occasion. When you’re heading to the office, why not try swapping out your white collared shirt for a pale pink one? It’s a great addition to your 9-to-5 suit and can really brighten up your whole outfit. For more pink shirt ideas, check out

It’s not only your work wardrobe that can have an injection of pink. Your casual and weekend clothes can also include pink through stylish Hawaiian shirts. While you may find the bright colours and patterns a bit overwhelming at first, doing it the right way can look effortlessly cool. The perfect combination could be pairing it with a navy blue pair of shorts. These colours go brilliantly together and add a level of contrast that boosts any outfit.