How to keep your sports club safe with DBS checks

There have recently been quite a few incidents and scandals in relation to child abuse in sport, which is why having DBS checks is a sensible way to ensure children are kept safe and everyone has peace of mind. The DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service), which was launched in 2012, replaced the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check introduced by the Home Office in 2002. Any sports club will benefit from DBS checks to ensure the safety of participating children and vulnerable adults. You want the parents of your team players to just be worrying about making sure they remember their Football Kits for practice sessions, that you can source from places such as kitking, rather than worrying about their children’s safety.

The hiring process

When running a sports club, it is essential that the coaches and other people employed to work with the children are fully checked and suitable for the role. Both staff and volunteers need to be fully checked by careful processes, such as full reference checks, lengthy and searching interviews, and intensive background checks.

DBS checks

When performing a background check on anyone who is going to work with or care for children or vulnerable adults, it is also necessary to do a DBS check. This means the background of the person will be run through databases to display any previous convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings. These checks can also look for intelligence on an individual to determine their suitability for working with vulnerable people.

How to keep your sports club safe with DBS checks

History of abuse scandals

There have been many cases that have come to light about abuse within the sports world in recent years. Having DBS checks is a good way of protecting children and ensuring everyone working with children has been checked for their suitability. This reassures parents that the club they send their children to is taking the protection of children seriously. It is easy to get a check and there are many services that can perform this for you.

Sport and exercise for life

Exercise and sport is an important part of life for both adults and children and it is vital that people can practise sport without feeling threatened or at risk. By using special background checks, such as the check from the DBS, children can benefit from the health and social benefits provided by sports clubs in full confidence and safety. If you run a sports club, always use background checks to keep the children and your club safe from potential abuse.